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My name is DJ McCoy.


I have lived a very independent lifestyle as an artist. When I was a little kid I used to craft storybooks from the experiences of my day. I would draw pictures of the monsters under the bed, sketch the demons and angels which held as a figment by my dreams. Growing up only expanded my interests. I have created stories, worlds, shared my opinion on pressing issues, bent the mind of the curious and the heart of those who can relate. Respectively, I am a storyteller, and to me it all starts with an idea. The idea that one person can make a difference, with the belief that our ideas and goals are just the parent of possibilities.



Another Man (2015)



Short Synopsis: A man in old age, looks back on his life with regret for letting love and the past diminish the passion he once had for his dreams.


another man

another man

another man


I originally wrote this film as a poem when I was 15. Thinking about how much love can change a person, how fear can hold us back and how I hope in my life, nothing would ever take me away from my dreams.



Generation Rx (2013)




Short Synopsis: A teen boy named Daniel Grey was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. He lives with his parents in a very uneasy household environment. Everyday, Daniel is witness to his mothers abuse from his father and in the later months of his treatment with the drug, Daniel felt his anxiety problems worsen. He started to take more, abusing the drug, but it made him calm down. Strange events start to occur around Daniel, paranormal things. Being prescribed higher doses he starts to realize things aren't really as they seem and tries a new approach to his anxiety attacks after his world turns upside down.

generation rx

generation rx

generation rx

generation rx

generation rx

I've started this film to demonstrate the effects of Adderall, the popular drug prescribed to people diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. In my research I have discovered that an estimated 6.4 million children ages 4 through 17 have received a diagnosis. These kids diagnosed with this disease are then prescribed the drug, Adderall, for treatment. What many people don't know is that the drug is dangerous! Recently, even though symptoms may be real, the discoverer and inventor of ADHD, has on his deathbed come clean that he fabricated said disease. Research studies have concluded based off the drugs effect, that Adderall can be used as a cocaine substitute. I think the symptoms are very real but with all these things being said, it really makes me think... maybe something is being misdiagnosed here, or misunderstood.
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generation rx


Posted Decemeber 21st, 2015
Title: Another Man
Genre: Romantic Drama
Film Shoot

Director & DP: DJ McCoy

Cinematographer: Josh Vredevoogd

Gaffer: Milo Adams